“Uncompromising solutions for better healthcare” is our company promise, and we don’t stop until we find ways to provide affordable treatments without compromising the quality of patient care

Detoxicare’s partnership with Stada is a major step towards universally affordable quality healthcare. We understand that effective cancer treatments should be reasonably priced and readily available to everyone in need of it.  Our goal is to help improve outcomes for patients with cancer with affordable, reliable, and high quality treatment.

Stada is a globally active, independent healthcare company and one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and low-cost generics as well as well-known branded products. Care for people’s health and well-being is at the center of STADA’s core values.  With 120 years in the healthcare industry, Stada  has proven to be a reliable beacon of hope to countless people who are in need of quality, affordable and reliable  healthcare

  • STADA holds international certifications in accordance to external quality management systems. Therefore, at STADA’s numerous production sites, the group focuses on good manufacturing practice standards (GMP standards) as well as the relevant ISO standards. At each location, the group holds various ISO certifications, e.g. ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14001:2004.

  • For countries outside of EU, the Group strives to secure EU quality standards for drugs which often goes beyond local requirement. Production facilities in Serbia, Banja Luka, Russia, Vietnam are authorized by the responsible EU regulatory authorities for delivery to the EU according to the mentioned inspections.

  • STADA not only complies to European or International guidelines but the group sees to it that our products comply to ASEAN harmonized guidelines and local requirements

  • Stada sees to it that its products meet the standards measured by science and that their medicines are working as it should. Conduct of Bioequivalence is Mandatory as it validates therapeutic equivalency of a product vs. the reference originator product.

  • Both certified by SFBC Anapharm Europe to be of the same quality standards as that of the innovator brands after conducting a randomized, open-label, 2-way crossover bioequivalence study. SFBC Anapharm Europe is the leading provider of bioanalytical services in Europe. They are a GLP-certified and GCP-compliant bioanalytical contract research organization.

Docetaxel (Doxestad®)

Anastrozole (Anastro-cell®

Letrozole (Letrostad®)