About Us

Detoxicare Philippines, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the distribution and sale of imported medical products to bring first world pharmaceutical and medical technology for the benefit of the Filipino patient.

Detoxicare Philippines, Inc. is the partner of Kureha Corporation of Tokyo, Japan being its exclusive license holder for Kremezin® (Spherical Carbon Adsorbent) indicated for the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure in order to prolong the time to initiation of dialysis and improve uremic conditions. Detoxicare Philippines, Inc. is also the partner of Toyota Tsusho Corporation USA, a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation Japan - one of the largest corporation in the world, as its exclusive license holder for Glycomark (1,5-Anhydroglucitol) test which is a serum biochemical marker that best reflects 2-hour postprandial glucose values over the past 2 weeks and is US FDA-cleared for intermediate monitoring of glucose control in people with diabetes. Detoxicare Philippines, Inc. has recently signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with Stada AG, one of the top generics manufacturer in the world, through its local counterpart Croma Medic Inc, to carry their Oncology products.

Our Mission

  • To provide total customer satisfaction through quality, affordable products & services.

Our Vision 

  • To provide the country with medical products that will enhance the quality of lives and health of our patients, particularly Filipinos. 

Our Promise

  • Uncompromising solutions to better healthcare.

In accordance with our Mission – Vision Statements, our Company’s internal conduct and relation with our clients is governed by the following Core Values:


  • We see to it that the people we hire are reliable and honest in dealing with our clients.

Customer Focus (Customer talk-We Listen)

  • We base our strategic plan on the voice of our customers. The process yields superior quality, delivery and cost that satisfy our customers.


  • We see to it that the products and services required of us are always accessible when needed by our customers.


  • We always make it our responsibility that our products and services needed by our clients are dependable.


  • We are committed to hiring the right people and giving them the best training to ensure competency in delivering our products and services.